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• 12/30/2016


Hello, it's Aspenha, and uhhhh, this wiki is kinda, becoming dead, wilting, if you will..... It hasn't become it's full potential and it never will, our last activity was a damn icon change on the staff page, I'd like to appluad Miette for still editing here though.
Our new wiki, is....

The link is this :
Rights from here are currently being transferred, as are badges and user CSS. If you want a change of CSS....
Let me know NOW.
Oh, and by the way, Odrey has become Vierianne... Just a heads up!
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• 12/25/2016

it 25th of december

merry xmas ppl
you all are gr8 and i hope you had a nice one
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• 12/16/2016

im probably gonna be more active on wikia now or something

(alternate title: guess which moron is on christmas holidays)
so hi have i missed anything
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• 11/16/2016

Sorry about my inactivity.

Hello everyone, Miette here. i'm not going to talk stuff like "CHANSEY 4EVER" cause this is serious.
Lately I'm sure I've been inactive for a while, this is because my laptop is acting oddly. I'm currently deleting things I don't need, but it's not working. Google Chrome also isn't working so I have to stick with Safari.
So, if I happen to fall inactive, you'll know why.
Sorry for the inconvenience and have a great day/night.
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• 11/6/2016
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• 11/6/2016
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• 11/6/2016
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• 11/6/2016

Winter/Christmas Theme!

Hello! We are currently using the new Winter theme, which showcases a blue navbar, and some new backgrounds! Thanks for listening!
NOVEMBER 6TH, 2016 - FEBRUARY 28TH 2017 6:00 PM EST
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• 11/3/2016

This wiki is now turning into a mess.

Look, I'm sorry for making this thread but this wiki has devolved into a fucking mess. We went from super organized to super messy, messier than Akashia. Guys, STOP MAKING NEW USERNAMES AND ACCOUNTS EVERY MONTH. SOME USERS DON'T EVEN HAVE CSS ANYMORE, SOME DON'T EVEN HAVE THEIR RIGHTS AT THE MOMENT BECAUSE THEY KEEP CHANGING AND CHANGING ACCOUNTS.
This whole thing has made me confused, who's who anymore.
Another thing, this wiki's message walls have turned into shitpost areas, that's what the damn chat is for. I'd like for this wiki to tone down the shitpost in wiki activity, chain mail is now forbidden.
One more thing, this fucking wiki literally turned into a chatroom, only one person has been actually making pages. I want this clutter to end.
So, please, can we fucking restore this wiki to it's original state?
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• 10/31/2016
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• 10/29/2016

lets do the time warp

only for rocky horror picture show fans
we will all time warp and scream here
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• 10/13/2016

Art Area :D

Concept from the Pookie Wiki, where you upload some art and show it to the Wikia! :D

Do not include vulgar content. Please either keep it at a minimum or crop it out.
Swearing is allowed in the art.
Things made for jokes are welcome.
Traced art is allowed but please give credit to whoever made the original picture.
Critiques are awesome. They are most certainly welcome.
Have fun sharing your art :) 

when i make a thread or blog it will end in a gif from now on
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• 10/8/2016

tyler's taking a break

he's stressed out atm and taking a break
idk when he'll be back
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• 9/22/2016

uhh a clarification if you were on chat earlier with sansy

when he was stretching every sentence
he was drunk
very drunk
he did not mean or understand anything he said at all
he also didn't know what was going on
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• 9/19/2016


first thread
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